Dear Travel Agents,

We thank you for your Marketing Effort for Hai Soon Properties. As a kind gesture, just answer some simple questions correctly as per below and receive a Complimentary 2Days /1 Night Stay in any of Short Term Holiday Homes with a choice of Desa Pelangi City Condominium or Bayu Emas Beach Apartments.

Each Travel Agent will be entitled to one Complimentary Voucher valid for One Year. We hope you will enjoy your stay with us and here's wishing you a good start to your business

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1. Hai Soon Properties offers a selection of:

2. Why Most people prefer Hai Soon Properties when it comes to renting: (Pick the wrong answer)

3. Please tick where applicable the 3 categories in Short Term Accomodation?

4. Management and Staffs of Hai Soon Properties can be contacted through:

5. Latest Promotion is usually offered through Hai Soon Properties Website. Should there be a rate that is cheaper than Agent's rate, Agent are able to purchase and utilise the Promo rates as well.

6. The nicest, most stylish, modern and expensive categories of home is the __________ Style.

7. What is your impression of Hai Soon Properties and/or its website?
The Properties - Describe as much as you can
The Website - Describe as much as you can if it helps you find what you need quickly and easily and if its user friendly.
Is there anything that you think we can improve on?

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Kindly allow 7-12 days to receive your Complimentary Stay Vouchers.