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Q. When I move into your property and find some maintenance problems – who will take care of it?

A. Before the tenant moves into our property we will thoroughly checked all the electrical & plumbing and ensure that everything is in order. We will also give the tenant one week after move in to list down all the problems that need to be taken note of, if any. The Landlord will take care of the walls, floors, sanitary system, electric wiring of the said premise in good tenantable repair and condition throughout the tenancy term but if the problem is caused by the tenant negligently, the cost will be, borne by the tenant but at a minimum cost as charged by our contractor.

Q. How many parking spaces are allocated for the apartment / condominium?

A. The management will allocate the parking space. We do have 1-2 allocated parking lots for each unit. Kindly refer to our Marketing Executive for your preferred choice of apartment or condominium.

Q. What are the terms and conditions of move in?

A. Interested parties are advised to call our office for a copy of our tenancy agreement. The tenancy agreement for some houses, apartments, condominiums, shop-lots may vary.

Q. What are the criteria for refund of deposit?

A. The tenant shall properly clean up the property and clear all rubbish and surrender vacant possession of the said premise back to the Landlord. Normal wear and tear accepted. A copy of the last payment of water, telephone, sewage, Astro and electricity bill need to be forwarded to the Landlord. All keys need to be returned to the Landlord. Upon inspection at the move-out and if all the criteria is met, deposit will be refunded within the next 14 days.

Q. What about the servicing of air-cond and replacement of light bulbs?

A. Upon execution of the tenancy agreement, the Landlord will service and refuel gas to all air-conditioning units at the said premise to ensure it is in good condition and working order and thereafter air-conditioning service once in every six months’ and gas refuel will be under the tenant’s own expense. The Landlord shall initially provide all light bulbs for all light fixtures before tenant moves in. Thereafter, tenant at his/her expense will replace light bulbs.

Q. If I lost my house keys, what shall I do?

A. The Landlord will duplicate the keys for you and the cost will be borne by the tenant.

Q. Who shall I contact if there is an emergency case that occurs in the middle of the night or early morning as your office hours is from 9am to 5pm daily?

A. Our Marketing Executive will be more than happy to assist you. Before your move-in you will have a number that you can call and should it be an emergency situation like bursting of pipe we will send someone over within the next one-hour.

Q. When I moved in I found that the floor was cracked – will you charge me upon moving out?

A. Before move in we will provide the tenant with a Move In or Move Out form. The tenant must complete the form and return to our office within one week. This form is used to compare against the condition of the premise upon move out and if there is any damage caused by the tenant after their move-in, we will charge the tenant accordingly.

Q. What if my children scribble or paint all over the walls? What if there is damage done to the furniture / fixtures?

A. If the damage done is not accepted as normal wear and tear but caused by the negligence of the Tenant, the Tenant shall carry out such repairs at his own costs and expenses. We will ask our painter to access the damage and give us a quotation. The painter will charge us at a reasonable rate as compared to outside contractors.

Q. What are the condominium rules?

A. Kindly contact the respective condominium management office for a copy of the handbook. Guests do register their names at the condominium management office.

Services Apartment :

Q. What is the number of pax allowed in one 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom apartment?

A. The maximum guests for 2 bedroom is 4 adults and 3 bedroom is 5 adults.

Q. How do you charge us for the usage of electricity & water?

A. The utility charges are included in the rental for daily stay but for long term stay like weekly, monthly or yearly the tenants will have to settle the utilities charges monthly accordingly at RM0.47 per unit of utility consumed.

Q. What are the service apartment rules?

A. Kindly refer to your respective property coordinator for a copy of the house rules.

Q. What are the facilities available?

A. We have the following facilities & services:
- complimentary tea & coffee making facilities
- individually controlled air-conditioning
- private balconies - swimming pools
- 24-hour security